Meet Our First Fish - Snook, Redfish & Trout

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ShapeShifter Fish and Friends would like to introduce to you our first fish in our Fall 2020 youth line. Our cute and fun-loving friends the Red Fish, the Snook, and the Speckled Trout are so excited to meet you! These fishy friends were chosen to be our first reveal because they can all be found in Florida, where the ShapeShifter Fish and Friends began. We know how much we love them, and hope you find joy in them too.

Friendship is an important part of childhood, and we at ShapeShifter Fish and Friends believe friends can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes! We hope to generate curiosity, creativity, and connection with our unique and abstract designs of our favorite fish, and friends!

Who is the Redfish?
The Redfish, also known as Red Drum, can inhabit inshore and offshore waters commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean ranging from Florida, all the way to Massachusetts. They can also be found along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Redfish can be distinguished by their copper scales, and black dot(s) found on the base of their tail.

Freddie Fish Fact: Scientists believe that the black spot near their tail helps fool predators into attacking the red drum's tail instead of its head, allowing the red drum to escape!

Having multiple spots is not uncommon for the Redfish but having no spots at all is very rare. As the Redfish with multiple spots grow older, they will typically lose those extra spots. Redfish can live up to 60 years old. They typically grow to be about 28-33 inches long, weighing about 6-8 pounds, with the females usually being bigger than the males. When looking for food, the Redfish uses its senses of sight and touch, and its downturned mouth to locate forage on the bottom floor like a vacuum, or by biting. In the summer and fall time, adult red drum will feed on things such as crabs, shrimp, and mullet. In spring and winter time, adults will mostly feed on menhaden, mullet, pinfish, and mudminnows.

Who is the Snook?
The Snook, also known as the Sergeant fish, is a species of marine fish commonly seen in Southern Florida waters, along the Gulf of Mexico up to Texas, and down along the coast of South America. They can be distinguished by their sloping forehead, large mouth, and protruding lower jaw, but also by their golden yellow bodies and distinct black line along their backs.

Snook on the Atlantic coast of Florida commonly grow to larger sizes than on the Gulf coast of Florida. The largest observed sizes for females on the Atlantic are about 43 inches and the Gulf are about 40 inches. For dinner, they will typically eat crabs, shrimp, and zooplankton.

Freddie Fish Fact: Snook are very in tune with their environment. Disturbances, such as cold fronts can have a negative effect on their populations. They can’t stand the cold, and we totally agree!

Who is the (Speckled) Trout?
The Trout was the first design for ShapeShifter Fish and Friends, and the inspiration for our brand. Also known as the Spotted Seatrout, this fish is found in shallower bays and estuaries, with oyster beds and seagrass that attract prey. They are most common along the coast of Florida during spring and summer months. When the water temperatures drop during fall months, the Speckled Trout move into deeper bay waters closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

Speckled Trout are distinguishable by their dark gray or green back and silvery-white underbelly, distinct round spots on their back, fins and tail, and soft dorsal fin that has no scales. They can also be noticed by one or two prominent canine teeth usually present at the tip of their upper jaw, which can be seen in our abstract design of them! They grow to be around 19-25 inches (with the females being larger) and weigh on average 2-3 lbs. When hungry, they typically feed on small crustaceans such as crabs, and shrimp.

Freddie Fish Fact: Like some friends you know, these guys will eat anything. They're a great species for any young angler to throw a line at!

Why did we decide on these fish friends for our first launch?
ShapeShifter Fish and Friends is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we wanted to emphasize how much these fish inspired us to get outside, and allowed us to grow our own friends circle through the love of fishing! They are commonly seen throughout Florida waters, and we wanted to give them the recognition they deserve. We believe friends come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and that is why our new youth line was inspired by all the creatures that roam our planet, and also for the love of fishing and outdoor adventures.

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