Our Story OLD

Friendship is an important part of childhood, and we at ShapeShifter Fish and Friends believe friends come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Through friendship and play, kids learn to interpret social cues, learn to interact with others, and help develop their own identity.

Our new youth line promotes friendship and play time by use of basic shapes, interesting colors, and our secret weapon, ANIMALS! It doesn't matter what shape, color, or size you are, we all desire the same thing, and that is to be a part of something. To not be alone. To have fun, to be curious, to be creative, and to have the foundation that friendship creates.


What better time than now should be help kids (and probably adults too!) channel childhood 20 years ago when we played outside for hours, challenged ourselves physically and mentally, and created bonds with one another that were simply based on having fun. And because being outside is vital to our health, we want to offer a solution to make it easy for kids to safely transition from inside to outside.

The brand ShapeShifter Fish and Friends began from our love of being outdoors, fishing, and many talks about our own childhoods and how life is so different now for kids. Our mission is to create something that promotes less screen time, more play time, reiterates how important being outside and getting Vitamin D is (but safely), and to embrace diversity through friendship... and this mission stands true for humans of all ages.

Follow us on this journey as we expand our circle, one friend at a time.