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Introducing our ShapeShifter Fish and Friends UPF50+ Long Sleeve
Sun protection is always important, no matter where you live. Normal clothing does not offer adequate protection. Sunscreen is great, but not always practical. The ShapeShifter Fish and Friends UPF50+ youth line was created with this in mind! Thanks to this new technology, safety doesn't have to be a challenge.
Our long sleeve, moisture-wicking design was created with your child’s health in mind. One of our main goals is to get kids outside and live an active lifestyle. These specially designed shirts can do just that by allowing easy transition from any environment. Whether your child is inside or outside, or on land or in the water, these shirts are made for it all. With 98% protection from the sun, your kid can enjoy all their favorite activities wherever they may take place. Plus, our antimicrobial technology prevents bacteria growth and stops the fabric from developing odors!
Each of our shirts will feature a ShapeShifter Fish or Friend, created out of basic shapes, bright colors, and many sizes. Our abstract designs are made to generate curiosity, break through the clutter, and dare you to be different. We are committed to helping your kids, and our friends, live the healthiest and safest life possible. Our youth line promotes diversity, and visually supports our message, friends come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

What does UPF50+ mean and why is it important?
UPF50+ is short for Ultraviolet Protection Factor with 50+ being the highest rank in sun protective clothing. UPF50+ is tested and proven to give the user 98% protection from the sun’s rays. UPF50+ is the highest rating achievable for fabrics with it being equivalent to SPF 50 (numerical rating for sunscreens). In the UPF50+ fabric, only 2% of ultraviolet radiation is able to penetrate through the fabric. Comparable to a regular cotton white t-shirt, UPF50+ fabric is able to protect your skin up to 10x more than a cotton white t-shirt, which only has a UPF rating of about 5 (or an SPF5). Our ShapeShifter Fish and Friends, youth long sleeve designs, are able to offer your kids the best protection possible, and support healthy skin throughout their childhood years, and adventures.

What is special about the ShapeShifter Fish and Friends long sleeve?
The material of our new youth line includes moisture-wicking technology, and breathable, anti-microbial, odor-free fabric. These features ensure our youth friends can enjoy the outdoors wherever play-time and adventure takes them. ShapeShifter Fish and Friends want to help them be safe, stay cool, and feel confident. The outdoors is a great place to learn and explore, but sun protection is important. Parents will also love our anti-microbial properties that stop bacteria from growing, and prevent unwanted odors. Our water-wicking feature in our shirts will help draw moisture away from the body. And finally, our polyester material, unlike regular cotton, absorbs very little water which helps keep our youth friends as dry as possible.

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